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There is quite a detailed write up about Andy Beck as an artist on this page but as for photography….

It must have been in 1976 when I bought my first 35mm camera, I am pretty sure it was a Zenith B, a rather basic model (weren’t they all in those days?) but it was a great tool to learn the fundamentals of photography which seems to have stood me in good stead for all these years. Most of my film was transparencies which were sent off to be developed but a large proportion was black and white work. Fortunately, the RAF station that I was at had a good photography club so I was able to learn the full process of developing my own prints which again gave me a good insight into the basics of the skills of photography.

I am sure that one of the natural talents that I have been given is having an eye for a subject and composition, this has probably been developed further through my artwork and consequently shows in my photography. As with most things in life, practise makes perfect (if there is such a thing) and I am continuing to learn, especially with the constant development of the technology of digital cameras and processing systems.

As will hopefully be seen in my photographs I am one for keeping things natural, heavily processed work is not my thing. I appreciate the work of photographers who spend time learning their craft, capturing the subject and cleverly processing the image, hopefully I will learn something from them and improve my own portfolio.

Andy Beck


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